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Special Considerations

Following are some considerations that apply to special invitation envelopes:

If the envelopes are lined (and unable to be seen through on a light table), sample "C" is the only style that we are able to keep in a reasonably straight line.

The stock of the envelopes and place cards may affect the ink. Rough texture stock will not work (though we have never had this problem with envelopes, only with picture mats). Some stocks make the ink "feather", but most do not. Some stocks make the ink broaden on the paper - usually the coated stocks. Some stocks do not allow the ink to dry properly.

It is rare that any of these problems occur. But it does happen. If you have a sample of the stock, or know the name and type of the stock, and are in question as to if it will work, please call or mail us a sample.

Unless you are specific in your desires as to how you want names and addresses written on the inner and outer envelopes, we use Crane's etiquette book in regards to proper and acceptable treatments of envelope addressing. Please note that line spacing may vary based on envelope size.

Once information (a typed list of names, preferably in 12 pt. font) is presented to the calligrapher, any changes, corrections, an/or additions made after that time by the customer will be invoiced to the customer. Any errors or omissions the fault of the calligrapher will be redone at no charge to the customer. We are not responsible for any costs of printing or ordering additional stock (envelopes, place cards, etc.). We suggest that every customer order at least 10% more envelopes than needed for the quantity of invitations you are sending.

Unless otherwise requested, we will keep all extra envelopes until the customer is sure the job is complete.

It would be an honor to provide calligraphy for your special occasion event! Please contact us if you need further information.

Very Truly Yours,

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